[U-Boot] i.MX6: mx6qsabrelite: allow use with Freescale 2.6.38 kernels

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Mar 4 09:39:19 CET 2012

Dear Troy Kisky,

In message <4F52C327.3080309 at boundarydevices.com> you wrote:
> >> And which changes 'introduce forward incompatibilities', and what are
> >> these incompatibilities?
> > See the recent problems that occurred when RMK decided to "clean up"
> > the machids file.
> >
> Would you rather that I take RMK's cleaned up file, and undelete the 
> machines that u-boot
> uses?  That would be more simple than adding to the board's config file.
> I can delete all of the mach_is_xxx macros in mach-types while I'm at it.

I think we had this discussion before (when RMK's changes hit us), and
it was decided not to do this.  IIRC we decided not to do this.

I have never understood why this mach_types thingy was needed (other
rchitectures worked fine without it, or better), and now we are on the
edge of obsoleting it. So all efforts trying to maintain this file are
futile, and we would have to redo these for any updates of the file.

I feel this is not a good investment of our time.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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:       I've tried (in vi) "g/[a-z]\n[a-z]/s//_/"...but that doesn't
: cut it.  Any ideas?  (I take it that it may be a two-pass sort of solution).
In the first pass, install perl. :-) Larry Wall <6849 at jpl-devvax.JPL.NASA.GOV>

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