[U-Boot] [STATUS] New custodians, release status

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Mar 8 11:55:27 CET 2012

Hello everybody,

I'm more than happy to be able to announce that we have found a number
of new custodians who will help to further distribute the work and
especially to reduce the backlog of unprocessed patches:

Here is the lst of new custodians:

- AVR32:		Andreas Bießmann

- Network Library:	Joe Hershberger

- OnenNAND:		Lukasz Majewski

- USB Drivers:		Marek Vasut

All these repos are ready for immediate use.

Welcome aboard, and thanks again to all of you for volunteering!

Now for the release status:  you have most probably realized that
according to the schedule the next release would be just 4 days ahead,
but we still have a long list of patches that need applying, so I
decided to stretch the release; the new plan says March 31 (which
would allow us to stay within the 3/6/9/12 grid), but I will not
hesitate to make this a v2012/04 if this seems appropriate.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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