[U-Boot] Does U-boot supports Spansion S29GL01GS NOR Flash?

Balaji Sivakumar, ERS, HCLTech balajisk at hcl.com
Sun Mar 11 06:47:45 CET 2012

Hi Dirk,

Thanks for your resonse. I have just added into this thread beacuse both are spansion flash.

my responses to your query:
1.am using u-boot_2099-08 U-boot. it came with imx6q saberlite board.
2.NOR Flash is connected to WEIM Bus Chip select 0 and 16 bit Data bus(D16:D31), I have done Weim Bus Mux Config in the Mx6q_saberlite_board .c and also Chip select 0 initailization.

I will attch the Config file soon.

Thanks ,
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Dear Balaji,

On 10.03.2012 11:47, Balaji Sivakumar wrote:
> Stefan Roese<sr<at>  denx.de>  writes:
>> Hi Prakash,
>> On Friday 09 April 2010 07:26:37 prakash bedge wrote:
>>> In U-boot I am not seeing the support for Spansion S29GL512P NOR flash.
>>> This chip is CFI compliant so I believe the common CFI driver should work
>>> with this chip.
>>> Does U-boot supports S29GL512P NOR flash or I have to implement the
>>> functionality to support S29GL512P?
>>> If anyone has tried with S29GL512P NOR flash please share the experiecne.
>> This chip is currently supported by the common CFI NOR FLASH driver. So it
>> should just work for your board as well.
>> Cheers,
>> Stefan
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> Hi Stefan,
> I am Balaji.  am using IMX6 base custom board. In my board am using S29GL01G
> NOR Flash to srore u-boot and kernel. I understand from the data sheet this
> NOR Flash is CFI based on. So i have added Configurations for CFI Flash driver.
> Currently am loading the U-boot into DDR3 and able to excute U-boot test
> commands. When i put flinfo , am getting "missing or unknow flash type" and
> while loading the u-boot it is printing as " Unknown flash on BANK 1 - Size -
> 0MB". So am not sure what am missing here or i have to add anything extra in
> teh config file. Please request you to check and provide your suggestion.

Just to be sure: Do you use the mainline U-Boot (u-boot.imx) or the
old Freescale one?

This thread talks about S29GL512P. You talk about S29GL01G?

Can you send us your flash/CFI configuration from the config file?

Which CONFIG_SYS_FLASH_BASE do you use?

Best regards



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