[U-Boot] Does U-boot supports Spansion S29GL01GS NOR Flash?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Mar 11 09:31:00 CET 2012

Dear "Balaji Sivakumar, ERS, HCLTech",

please stop top posting / full quoting. Please read

In message <A41DC312BCC9DA4E8B8B954805B8C9FDF7D162FC11 at CHN-HCLT-EVS06.HCLT.CORP.HCL.IN> you wrote:
> Hi Wolf,

My name is Wolfgang.

> Thanks for your responses.
> Board is same like IMX6q sabelite board, only difference is we have Spansion Nor Flash S29GL01GS in our board,

This is an oxymoron.  Your board cannot be "the same" when it uses
different flash.

It is a _different_ board so you must adapt U-Boot for it.  Just
running the Saber Lite code on it is bound to fail.

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