[U-Boot] exporting the U-Boot functions to standalone application

Haneef Mohamed haneef_kernel at yahoo.in
Thu Mar 22 14:08:21 CET 2012


I wanted to make use of the uboot command functions like do_bdinfo and do_mmc. 

when I used do_bdinfo(NULL, 0, 0,NULL);in application program after linking common/cmd_bdinfo.o in make file it worked.

but when I did the same for do_mmc i got a lot of linking errors.

So after looking arround in common/main.c what i did was i made use of  cmd ="mmc rescan"; run_command(cmd,0); 
but no output at all. 

I read the README.standalone but of no use could some one please let me know how should i go about it. 

Mohamed Haneef M.A

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