[U-Boot] MIPS: 1Mb U-Boot?

Downey, David (c) davidd at mips.com
Fri Sep 7 00:31:40 CEST 2012

Hello U-Boot community,

I'm David Downey, a software engineer at MIPS Technologies.

Currently, our Malta and SEAD-3 dev boards use YAMON, MIPS' in-house open source PROM monitor, as a boot loader.  We are looking to migrate YAMON's functionality to U-Boot.

YAMON contains many features beyond the scope of a boot loader (e.g. bi-endianess, a EJTAG/GDB interface, a disassembler, etc.) that we would still like to make available to our customers.  As you might expect, these features result in a large image size.  (YAMON is 1 Mb, which is significantly larger than U-Boot's stated design max. of 256 Kb.)

Would there be any objection (legal or otherwise) to offering a "lean" (> 256 Kb) version of U-Boot for Malta/SEAD-3 through denx.de and a "deluxe" (~1 Mb) version of U-Boot (open source, of course) through developer.mips.com?  If there are objections, do you have any suggestions on how we can still offer these features to our customers while not breaking U-Boot's 256 Kb design rule?

Thanks in advance!

Looking forward to working with you,
davidd at mips.com<mailto:davidd at mips.com>

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