[U-Boot] [PATCH 0/6] Add Pine64 support

Alexander Graf agraf at suse.de
Tue Mar 29 18:08:34 CEST 2016

On 29.03.16 17:45, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi,
> On 03/29/2016 05:29 PM, Alexander Graf wrote:
>> The Pine64 is a kickstarter backed SBC that runs on the Allwinner A64
>> SoC.
>> This SoC can run AArch64 code, so this patch set lifts all arm version
>> indepenent sunxi code into a mach directory and builds the A64 code
>> as armv8 (aarch64) code.
>> With these patches applied, I can successfully boot my 1GB Pine64+ board
>> with an openSUSE EFI image.
> Can you provide some quick instructions on how to test this ? Bonus
> point for a link to a boot0.bin which I can dd to a sdcard and use
> with a u-boot.bin build with these patches.

Sure. Grab these all the files in this directory:


Then do

  $ gcc pine64_image.c -o pine64_image
  $ cat bl31.bin <u-boot-dir>/u-boot.bin > bl31uboot.bin
  $ ./pine64_image scp.bin bl31uboot.bin u-boot.img
  $ dd if=boot0.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0 seek=16
  $ dd if=u-boot.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 seek=80

That should give you a working system. The scp.bin and boot0.bin are
from the Allwinner binary distribution. ATF (bl31.bin) is built from
these sources:




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