[U-Boot] February community conf call minutes

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Mon Feb 18 23:53:01 UTC 2019

Hey all,

While I'm not the best at taking notes, and for next time I'll see how
badly the record function slows down my connection, here's my notes /
action items from the call:

- Attendees:
  Myself, Philipp Tomsich, Michal Simek, Stefano Babic, Vignesh R, Jagan
  Teki, Lokesh Vutla, Matthias Brugger, Masahiro Yamada.

- Talked about more automated testing, ala kernelci.  I noted that we
  have travis-ci setup, and with test.py that runs on on qemu on a
  number of platforms.  With respect to real hardware, I run mine on a
  handful of TI platforms and RPi 3 (I've tried sunxi before, but had
  power vampire problems, and imx6, but my platform wasn't supported in
  SPL at the time).  Michal noted he has a setup for some of his
- A main next branch for testing / integration?  I don't know if I have
  resources to maintain one, but can evaluate again with this longer
  release cycle.  I do continue to encourage custodians to have a next
  branch if that helps them.
- Communication.  A lot of people didn't see the notice about this
  meeting until very late.  A lot of people in general have missed a lot
  of things (see for example, the fallout from the DM deadlines).  It
  has been suggested that we have a custodians and/or board maintainers
  only list to better help people filter emails and see very important
  - I've asked Wolfgang to set these up, and I'll be asking people to
    sign up.
  - As part of the "didn't see this until very late", I need to poll
    again about when to do these calls.
- Some talk in general about the DM deadlines and what to do about
  missed deadlines.  In general, and looking at immediately
  post-v2019.04, I am not in favor of just dropping every platform that
  hasn't converted.  I think in some cases it will make sense to mark
  drivers as depending on BROKEN so that we can then remove the driver
  in question.  I also agreed that if platforms don't see the value in
  migration for legacy platforms, it's OK for them to also say they
  don't see value in being upstream for that platform anymore.  And
  removing a feature that wasn't really used (but was instead carried
  over from the "kitchen sink evm" config) is fine too.
  - One thing I do need to do from this is make a build (or several)
    where, after I apply all of the "migrate to ..." things in my queue
    I see what's still where with these warnings.  We have things
    ranging from for example TI platforms that we've converted some of
    the family over to, but not all, and should be able to mechanically
    convert, to PowerPC platforms where I've seen nothing happen in a
    while.  For the latter we'll end up with BROKEN and for the former
    after I can test one I might blind-convert the rest.

Thanks again all!

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