[U-Boot] Issue in u-boot; TFTP error: trying to overwrite reserved memory...

Moses Christopher moseschristopherb at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 14:14:36 UTC 2019

Hello together,

I was trying to build u-boot and spl for the arm target and tried to boot
via usb-ethernet.

I found an issue with one of the commit made in the early 2019,


When using this CONFIG_LMB the max_size or the *lmb_get_free_size(&lmb,
load_addr); *returns 0, no matter what.

And it triggers the following error,

*TFTP error: trying to overwrite reserved memory...*

I did a quick fix by adding *#undef CONFIG_LMB* in the file, *net/tftp.c*

So, I would like to know why this doesn’t work as it was working before
applying this patch ?

Best regards,
*Moses Christopher*

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