Network functionality in v2020.04 on Raspberry Pi 4

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Hi Sasha,

On 4/17/20 9:15 PM, Jevtic, Sasha wrote:
> [Previous message to list canceled; resending with added detail]
> Harald,
> To be clear, the language I used was to imply *only* that I observed this problem as recently as the latest release; none over the earlier builds I have prepared for RPi4 worked better.  The reference to other hardware and older U-Boot was simply intended to suggest that the network infrastructure, notably including the DHCP and TFTP servers, have been proven to work with U-Boot.
> Moreover, I would like to point out that I am chain loading U-Boot from the RPi4 firmware via TFTP.  This could be a significant point since the RPi4 firmware will have clearly already have initialized the Ethernet hardware previously.

Could you try this with a u-boot booted from the SD card, so that we can
see if the problem happens there as well?


> Thanks.
> Sasha
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> Hello Sasha,
> adding Matthias Brugger on Cc as he is the maintainer for Raspberry Pi.
> On Thu, 2020-04-16 at 20:25 +0000, Jevtic, Sasha wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I am encountering considerable difficulty with the networking 
>> functionality on Raspberry Pi 4 on the latest release (2020.04).  In 
>> particular, I have observed:
>>     * any network operation that fails renders networking functionality
>>       inoperable until reboot.
>>     * ping always fails.
>>     * TFTP download attempt of non-existent file fails (resulting in
>>       subsequent network operations failing).
>>     * TFTP download of an existing file usually works, but occasionally
>>       experiences timeouts during transfers; some are timeouts are
>>       intermittent (the transfer ultimately resumes), and some are
>>       permanent.
>>     * TFTP download of a script usually works (as above). The script
>>       will run, but any additional TFTP downloads performed by a script
>>       all fail.
>> It is not entirely clear right now whether this is a problem in U-Boot 
>> (i.e., instead of in the execution environment set up by the Raspberry 
>> Pi firmware), but the TFTP infrastructure I am using is known to work 
>> well with other hardware running an older version of U-Boot.  Also, 
>> there are also no network issues in the Linux environment that I 
>> ultimately boot, so hardware also seems unlikely.  Thus, suggestions 
>> for things to check would be appreciated; I am of course also happy to 
>> provide any supporting data required to investigate.
> If you have know which older version still worked, you can use git-bisect [1] to find out where the regression was introduced.  Ideally, if you can automate installation of a newly built U-Boot version, this can run entirely unattended to find out where the bug was introduced.
> [1]:
>> Please also be aware that I initially posted a very similar inquiry to 
>> the Raspberry Pi Forum:
>> Thanks.
>> Sasha
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> Harald
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