[PATCH] Link failure with CONFIG_SPL and CONFIG_I2C_MUX_PCA954x

Trommel, Kees (Contractor) kees.trommel.contractor at draeger.com
Mon Aug 3 16:49:47 CEST 2020

Fix for the case of a U-Boot configuration with CONFIG_SPL,
CONFIG_SPL_I2C_MUX. Without this fix linking of pca954x fails because
dm_write_i2c does not exist because CONFIG_SPL_DM is not defined.

Signed-off-by: Kees Trommel <kees.trommel.contractor at draeger.com>
Cc:  Heiko Schocher <hs at denx.de>
 drivers/i2c/Makefile       | 2 +-
 drivers/i2c/muxes/Makefile | 2 +-
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/i2c/Makefile b/drivers/i2c/Makefile
index e851ec462e..f7b2786448 100644
--- a/drivers/i2c/Makefile
+++ b/drivers/i2c/Makefile
@@ -46,4 +46,4 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_SYS_I2C_VERSATILE) += i2c-versatile.o
 obj-$(CONFIG_SYS_I2C_XILINX_XIIC) += xilinx_xiic.o
 obj-$(CONFIG_TEGRA186_BPMP_I2C) += tegra186_bpmp_i2c.o

-obj-$(CONFIG_I2C_MUX) += muxes/
+obj-$(CONFIG_$(SPL_)I2C_MUX) += muxes/
diff --git a/drivers/i2c/muxes/Makefile b/drivers/i2c/muxes/Makefile
index 68ed9b547d..b690821199 100644
--- a/drivers/i2c/muxes/Makefile
+++ b/drivers/i2c/muxes/Makefile
@@ -2,6 +2,6 @@
 # Copyright (c) 2015 Google, Inc
 obj-$(CONFIG_I2C_ARB_GPIO_CHALLENGE) += i2c-arb-gpio-challenge.o
-obj-$(CONFIG_$(SPL_)I2C_MUX) += i2c-mux-uclass.o
+obj-$(CONFIG_I2C_MUX) += i2c-mux-uclass.o
 obj-$(CONFIG_I2C_MUX_PCA954x) += pca954x.o
 obj-$(CONFIG_I2C_MUX_GPIO) += i2c-mux-gpio.o

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