[PATCH] xilinx: Change logic around zynq_board_read_rom_ethaddr()

Michal Simek michal.simek at xilinx.com
Wed Aug 5 14:02:22 CEST 2020

There is no reason to build private function when
CONFIG_ZYNQ_GEM_I2C_MAC_OFFSET is not defined. There is already weak
function which handles default case properly.

Signed-off-by: Michal Simek <michal.simek at xilinx.com>

 board/xilinx/common/board.c | 5 ++---
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/board/xilinx/common/board.c b/board/xilinx/common/board.c
index 3bca3a25a97b..0782d08ee3fe 100644
--- a/board/xilinx/common/board.c
+++ b/board/xilinx/common/board.c
@@ -13,11 +13,10 @@
 #include <linux/sizes.h>
 #include "board.h"
 int zynq_board_read_rom_ethaddr(unsigned char *ethaddr)
 	int ret = -EINVAL;
 	struct udevice *dev;
 	ofnode eeprom;
@@ -37,10 +36,10 @@ int zynq_board_read_rom_ethaddr(unsigned char *ethaddr)
 		debug("%s: I2C EEPROM MAC address read failed\n", __func__);
 		debug("%s: I2C EEPROM MAC %pM\n", __func__, ethaddr);
 	return ret;
 #if defined(CONFIG_OF_BOARD) || defined(CONFIG_OF_SEPARATE)
 void *board_fdt_blob_setup(void)

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