[RFC PATCH 1/4] mt7622: Support to build 32 bits version.

Frank Wunderlich frank-w at public-files.de
Tue Aug 11 12:01:33 CEST 2020

Am 11. August 2020 04:11:46 MESZ schrieb Sam Shih <sam.shih at mediatek.com>:

>Thank you for your continued support to mt7622 (bpir64)
>Because we recently completed an ATF based on the mainline ATF 2.1
>is a standard ATF containing BL2 (equal to the preloader in the old
>bpir64 image, but implemented in aarch64),
>and BL31 security monitor (equivalent to ATF in the old bpir64 image,
>implemented in aarch64)

Can you point us to source and maybe binary to this ATF and install instructions as this may need other preloader? Does it work for sd and emmc (maybe nand/nor)?

>Using this new ATF 2.1, MT7622 mainline U-boot can detect the FIT
>description in the liunx image and jump to aarch32/aarch64 mode and
>to Shell.
Please give us Instructions for FIT-creation/booting too as we only use legacy boot atm based on bananpi's sources.
I know this page, but here much things are changing now (preloader,atf,uboot,kernelpackage) so if you have it already working it will save us much time on try&error https://gitlab.denx.de/u-boot/u-boot/raw/HEAD/doc/uImage.FIT/beaglebone_vboot.txt
>Therefore, I think we should keep the mt7622 upstream uboot code clear
>and keep no proprietary code to support the old ATF.

Then we need to know exact information about new bootup

>The new architecture of mt7622 (bpir64) will be:
>aarch64 prelaoder (BL2), aarch64 bl31 and aarch64 u-boot and optional
>arch32/aarch64 of the Linux kernel

Same as above
regards Frank

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