reset command doesn't work on MT7628 (CPU: MediaTek MT7628A ver:1 eco:2)

Andrii Voloshyn a.voloshyn at
Wed Aug 12 09:18:54 CEST 2020

  Hi there, 
  There is one issue, I experience with (U-Boot 2020.07) on MT7628DAN, "reset" command issued in hush prompt 
  causes board to hang, until I do a power cycle. On the other hand there is no such issue on mt7688 board. 
  What's interesting, is that "reboot" issued in Linux shell makes board reboot as expected on mt7628 board. 
  It seems like some sort of configuration issue, but I couldn't find anything specific in the datasheet. Maybe 
  you have some idea what could cause it? 
  One more thing, when running the following version of bootloader ( 
  "reset" command works as expected. 
  Thank you for your help 

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