reset command doesn't work on MT7628 (CPU: MediaTek MT7628A ver:1 eco:2)

Andrii Voloshyn a.voloshyn at
Wed Aug 12 14:04:31 CEST 2020

Hi Stefan,

 > Hi Andrew, 
 > (added Weijie to Cc) 
 > On 12.08.20 09:18, Andrii Voloshyn wrote: 
 > >    Hi there, 
 > > 
 > >    There is one issue, I experience with (U-Boot 2020.07) on MT7628DAN, "reset" command issued in hush prompt 
 > >    causes board to hang, until I do a power cycle. On the other hand there is no such issue on mt7688 board. 
 > Do you see no further output? Or is it perhaps stuck at the DDR init 
 > code in SPL? Can you please post the log (complete boot log with reset 
 > command)?

There is only "resetting..." printed, once the reset command is executed.  By the way, I am not using SPL loader.
Console output below:

U-Boot 2020.07

CPU:   MediaTek MT7628A ver:1 eco:2
Boot:  DDR2, SPI-NOR 3-Byte Addr, CPU clock from XTAL
Clock: CPU: 580MHz, Bus: 193MHz, XTAL: 40MHz
Model: test
DRAM:  64 MiB
Loading Environment from SPI Flash... SF: Detected w25q256 with page size 256 Bytes, erase size 4 KiB, total 32 MiB
Warning: eth at 10110000 (eth0) using random MAC address - ba:f6:29:35:59:b5
eth0: eth at 10110000
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0 
=> reset
resetting ...

 > >    What's interesting, is that "reboot" issued in Linux shell makes board reboot as expected on mt7628 board. 
 > > 
 > >    It seems like some sort of configuration issue, but I couldn't find anything specific in the datasheet. Maybe 
 > >    you have some idea what could cause it? 
 > > 
 > >    One more thing, when running the following version of bootloader ( 
 > >    "reset" command works as expected. 
 > I do not have a MT7628 based board, so I can't test. Perhaps Weijie has 
 > an idea? 
 > Thanks, 
 > Stefan 

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