Improvements to FIT ciphering

Patrick Oppenlander patrick.oppenlander at
Tue Aug 25 00:37:45 CEST 2020

On Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 1:57 AM Philippe REYNES
<philippe.reynes at> wrote:
> I agree that IV should be set in the FIT.
> So in the dts, we may have:
>         cipher {
>                 algo = "aes256";
>                 key-name-hint = "aeskey";
>                 iv = "aesiv";
>         };
> or (I propose) :
>         cipher {
>                 algo = "aes256";
>                 key-name-hint = "aeskey";
>                 iv-name-hint = "aesiv";
>                 iv-in-fit;
>         };
> I think that both solution should work ...
> Have you planned to implement this change/feature ?
> (otherwise I will try to found some time for it,
> it is a really nice improvement).

Hi Philippe,

here is what I had in mind, in the .its we would put:

cipher {
    algo = "aes256";
    key-name-hint = "aeskey";

when mkimage processes this it opens /dev/urandom to generate a unique
IV. It then uses this IV to perform the encryption and writes it IV to
the .fit image like so:

cipher {
    algo = "aes256";
    key-name-hint = "aeskey";
    iv = <0xa16e090c 0x7e116bf8 0x75c44329 0x3278c74d>;

I don't think there is a need for a "iv-in-fit" property and
"iv-name-hint" can be deprecated.

> > However, if adding "hashed-nodes" and "hashed-strings" properties to
> > the image signature is acceptable we can still support signing
> > ciphered images with no problems.
> I think that everything should be added to the signature. I think it's
> simpler and more safe.
> Have you planned to implement this/propose a patch please ?
> (of course, if not, I will try to found some time)

Unfortunately right now it is crunch time at $DAYJOB to meet a
deadline by the end of September, so I don't have much (if any) time
to dedicate to working on U-Boot right now.

There are actually five issues on my list to address in U-Boot/mkimage:

* mkimage needs to generate encryption IV using /dev/urandom
* FIT image signatures need to include cipher node
* AES-GCM cipher support
* mkimage -B option doesn't zero padding bytes
* mkimage -B option unnecessarily pads the end of the image

I was planning on working through these when I get time, but I have
not started on any of them yet. So, if you have time (and energy),
please, go ahead :)

Best regards,


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