[PATCH] usb: gadget: ether: Fix warnings about unused code

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Tue Aug 25 14:50:02 CEST 2020

On Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 11:55:17AM +0200, Lukasz Majewski wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> > When building this with clang we see a few new warnings.  There are a
> > handful of structs that we declare and use only in the case of
> > !defined(CONFIG_USB_ETH_CDC) && defined(CONFIG_USB_ETH_SUBSET) so
> > update the guards used to match this as well as cover all members
> > rather than just a few.  Finally, eth_is_promisc() is only called by
> > eth_start_xmit() which is under and #if 0 and immediately follows the
> > function.  Move the #if 0 up.
> > 
> Could you double check this patch and rebase it on top of newest master.
> As it is now it causes following build break:
> https://travis-ci.org/github/lmajewski/u-boot-dfu/jobs/720654040

Lets just set it aside then.  It was fine at the time but I've put down
my experiment of building various targets with clang for now.

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