Using gerrit or github for review?

Stefano Babic sbabic at
Mon Jul 13 21:45:27 CEST 2020

Hi Simon,

On 13.07.20 20:25, Simon Glass wrote:
> Hi,
> At present U-Boot uses the mailing list for patch review. What do
> people think about trying out geritt or github for this? I'd be
> willing to do a trial with the -dm mailing list.
> My idea is that patman would email out the patches and also upload
> them to one of these systems. With geritt, emails are sent every time
> there is a review, but for github I'm not sure.

If I remember well, we already had this discussion some years ago. One 
major point against these tools is the workflow for most developers 
here, that is mainly mail-centric (and shell driven instead of browser 
driven). Mailing list allows to everybody to add contribute, and patches 
with their history is archived in patchwork. Patches can be loaded and 
applied with shell tools (pwclient). I would prefer to add some missing 
features to patchwork (for example, automatic support for patches 
version) else to switch to another tool that is just browser driven.

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