Using gerrit or github for review?

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Tue Jul 14 06:37:52 CEST 2020

Hi all,

Am 13.07.2020 um 23:03 schrieb Tom Rini:
> On Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 10:12:32PM +0200, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
>> Dear Simon,
>> In message <CAPnjgZ2OnxotZ3gGErO0KfFJVA6_jSY6xO_Kg63Ts86qTw4KBg at> you wrote:
>>> I have used various tools and I'm wondering whether having another
>>> option might have some benefits in terms of productivity, automation
>>> and accessibility. Just as one example, if people pushed patches to
>>> github / gitlab then we could 1) check out the branch and try it, 2)
>>> have test automation attached, 3) use a UI for review.
>> As for automation, you know that Heiko has been using tbot for years
>> for automatic patch series download from patchwork, checking and
>> testing (checkpatch, build, install, boot)?
> Perhaps this is the time we need to figure out what's missing from tbot
> automation and related tooling and get things integrated well between
> tbot, test/py/ testing we have and other ad-hoc tooling.

Yes, but downloading patches from patchwork is missing in the new tbot
implementation yet... but it worked for me very well ... I think,
I made a video on youtube... ah yes:

but without any comment, so not very good to follow the log, may with
lower speed...

The video starts where I download the patches from my Patchwork ToDo
list and apply them to current U-Boot code, build and install U-Boot
(here for the smartweb board) and do tests on U-Boots commandline ...
If finished, pushed the result to a db...

The new implementation misses currently only the step "download
patches from Patchwork ToDo list" [1] which should take not much effort
to reimplement. The new tbot already can handle git trees [2] and
so can apply patches to it.

Of course tbot can configure/build/install U-Boot [3] and call [4] and push results to a DB [5].

For a demo I do this once a day currently here:

for at least 4 boards (I am happy to get more testreports! You
do not necessarily need tbot for it ...)

Also, of course, tbot can do a "git bisect" [6] so may you can find
out, which patch breaks ...

As tbot is a commandline tool, of course you can start tbot from
gitlab CI runner, jenkins, buildbot,...

I tried to start tbot from a travis build, but did not find (yet) a way
to connect from the travis builder over ssh to a lab, where the boards
under test are located ...

The main purpose of tbot is to help a developer while his daily work,
and if you use it for your daily work, you automatically have a setup
ready for starting from a CI ... I personally use the minimal way, and
call tbot from a small python script (cron job like) [7]


[1] old tbot "download patches from patchwork ToDo list" testcase:




     Not mainline yet, experimental state!


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