Pinebook Pro keyboard (RK3399 OHCI)?

Simon South simon at
Tue Jul 14 17:29:18 CEST 2020

Arnaud Patard (Rtp) <arnaud.patard at> writes:
> Did you check if everything needed is enabled in your configuration and
> if the keyboard is detected after a usb start / usb tree ?

It is detected, yes.

I believe the configuration is fine; I see this issue using the standard
"pinebook-pro-rk3399_defconfig" and building either from the latest
commit in git or from the tree at commit 3a5771249 (Peter's, which he
mentioned earlier).

Changing the configuration to remove the XHCI and EHCI drivers, or to
add the Inno USB phy driver, doesn't help.

Beyond that, for BL31 I'm using a release build of v2.3 of the ARM
Trusted Firmware. I've tested using debug and release builds of v2.3 and
v2.2 without seeing a difference.

> Your keyboard is working with linux, right ?

Yes it is. It's only U-Boot that's affected.

The only things I've thought of so far that might be unique about my
setup are

- My PBP is from the latest manufacturing run of a few months ago, not
  last year's; and

- I currently have the eMMC module disabled via the internal switch and
  am booting off a microSD card.

Otherwise I'm at a total loss. The driver sets everything up correctly
and then the controller just does nothing. In GNU/Linux, everything
works fine. Very strange.

Simon South
simon at

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