Pinebook Pro keyboard (RK3399 OHCI)?

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Tue Jul 14 17:40:05 CEST 2020

> > Did you check if everything needed is enabled in your configuration and
> > if the keyboard is detected after a usb start / usb tree ?
> It is detected, yes.
> I believe the configuration is fine; I see this issue using the standard
> "pinebook-pro-rk3399_defconfig" and building either from the latest
> commit in git or from the tree at commit 3a5771249 (Peter's, which he
> mentioned earlier).
> Changing the configuration to remove the XHCI and EHCI drivers, or to
> add the Inno USB phy driver, doesn't help.
> Beyond that, for BL31 I'm using a release build of v2.3 of the ARM
> Trusted Firmware. I've tested using debug and release builds of v2.3 and
> v2.2 without seeing a difference.

I believe I have 2.3 from upstream.

> > Your keyboard is working with linux, right ?
> Yes it is. It's only U-Boot that's affected.
> The only things I've thought of so far that might be unique about my
> setup are
> - My PBP is from the latest manufacturing run of a few months ago, not
>   last year's; and
> - I currently have the eMMC module disabled via the internal switch and
>   am booting off a microSD card.

I'm booting off mSD and I actually took out the eMMC because it was a
pain dealing with it when I was developing the upstream U-Boot
support. I think my keyboard firmware is quite old (dealing with that
is on my list), but I'm not sure that should make a difference here.

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