[PATCH v3 09/21] arm: dts: Use consistent name "CLK_ETHERNET" for the Ethernet clock binding

Amit Tomer amittomer25 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 09:28:49 CET 2020


> So either you send this patch to the kernel first, or, probably better, you drop this change here, and unify the name at the point where it's used (#ifndef CLK_ETHERNET ....)

But this is something mentioned in cover letter:

"Patch(9/21) uses same name for ethernet clock binding and if it's ok,
would like to send it to LKML
as well."

anyways as suggested by Mani to drop Ethernet related patches for now,
this patch is not necessary in that case.
Meanwhile, would send it to LKML first for a review.


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