[PATCH v3 03/21] clk: actions: Add common clock driver

Amit Tomer amittomer25 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 11:38:12 CET 2020


> Indeed, but it's here to not give false impressions: Despite the joint code, the clock driver only works for one SoC at a time. Having only that one respective compatible string in here makes this obvious.
> The main reason for this approach is that the register offsets are quite different, dissecting this at runtime does not sound worthwhile for just those few clocks that we need.
> So the idea was to go with one source file, to make use of the commonalities of the clocks, but use #ifdef guards where needed.
> This admittedly starts to look quite messy. And with the Ethernet clocks in it is probably already at a point where proper separation would be better.
> So to make this easier: Amit, can you remove the Ethernet clocks from this patch, and add them later in your Ethernet series? Maybe this buys us some time to refactor this meanwhile?

Already have taken care of it here:


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