kirkwood stack size

Stefan Roese sr at
Thu Oct 28 16:10:26 CEST 2021

Hi Holger,

On 28.10.21 11:37, Holger Brunck wrote:
> Hi Stefan, Hi Marek,
>> Added Holger, the maintainer of the km_kirkwood boards to Cc...
>> On 28.10.21 03:28, Marek Behún wrote:
>>> On Wed, 27 Oct 2021 16:06:58 -0700
>>> Tony Dinh <mibodhi at> wrote:
>>>> Hi Marek,
>>>> In reference to:
>>>> I have several Kirkwood boards, and currently support these boards in
>>>> mainline: Sheevaplug, Zyxel NSA310S, GoFlex Home, Dockstar. I also
>>>> have a few out-of-tree Kirkwood u-boots that have not been submitted
>>>> for mainline yet.
>>>> I did not see the stack size problem, or any other problem. And I'm
>>>> running the 2021.07 version.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Tony
>>> Hi Tony,
>>> thank you for your reply.
>>> I should have mentioned that this concerns only the following
>>> defconfigs:
>>>     km_kirkwood_128m16_defconfig
>>>     km_kirkwood_defconfig
>>>     km_kirkwood_pci_defconfig
>>> since only these store environment in EEPROM.
>> Holger, could you perhaps take a look here? Marek is working on some env
>> related stuff that might interfere with your Kirkwood boards, e.g.
>> the initial stack location.
> first answer yes the boards are still maintained and alive. In production for
> km_kirkwood our latest branch in use is 2016.10, but we keep it up to date
> in case we need to upgrade.

Thanks for confirming.

> I was not able to compile the latest master due to some problems most
> likely related to my outdated host compiler, but I was compiling a version
> for this target from the 2021.04 release and gave it a try on my board.
> It seems to run without any issues. Also saving and reloading the
> environment from eeprom works fine.

Thanks for testing. You might want to download and use a recent
toolchain from for latest master, e.g. gcc 11 [1].



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