[SPAM] [PATCH 0/4] mtd: spi: arm: rk3399: rock-pi-4: u-boot/next Support SPI NOR Flash in Rock Pi 4 (XTX xt25f32b)

Xavier Drudis Ferran xdrudis at tinet.cat
Tue Jul 12 11:10:45 CEST 2022

El Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 10:47:31AM +0200, Xavier Drudis Ferran deia:
> The Radxa Rock Pi 4 board is sold from revision 1.4 with a soldered
> 4Mb SPI NOR Flash. This series allows to use it from U-Boot and boot
> from it.

Is there any interest in this ? 

This weekend I did a v2 on next. But I don't know whether I should
send it or just save you all the trouble.

I can boot from SPI (I mean, bootrom loads TPL from SPI, TPL return to
bootrom, bootrom loads SPL from SPI, SPL loading U-Boot from SPI, then
U-Boot loads linux and dtb from SDMMC) and can stop U-Boot and read,
erase and write from SPI, But once I boot linux,

   flashrom -V --programmer linux_mtd --write /boot/spi.rom 
   get_mtd_info: device_name: "loader", is_writeable: 1, numeraseregions: 0, total_size: 4194304, erasesize: 4096
   Opened /dev/mtd0 successfully
   The following protocols are supported: Programmer-specific.
   Probing for Programmer Opaque flash chip, 0 kB: Found Programmer flash chip "Opaque flash chip" (4096 kB, Programmer-specific) on linux_mtd.
   Found Programmer flash chip "Opaque flash chip" (4096 kB, Programmer-specific).
   Reading old flash chip contents... done.
   Erasing and writing flash chip... Trying erase function 0... 0x000000-0x000fff:WCannot write 0x001000 bytes at 0x000000
If I boot from SDMMC (shorting spiclk to ground) then linux doesn't have
a /dev/mtd0 device.  But that's easy to fix. If I boot from SDMMC, stop
U-boot, disconnect spiclk from gnd, sf probe 1:0 and continue boot
then I can write /dev/mtd0 from flashrom in linux without a problem. I
can also read, erase and write SPI from U-Boot.

So there's something when booting from SPI that stops linux from
writing to it, despite U-Boot can. I tested also sf protect unlock 0
0x400000 but it doesn't help.

So should I send v2 ? wait until I understand what happens when booting 
from SPI but not writing to /dev/mtd0 ? Forget it ? 

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