Build with CONFIG_TOOLS_LIBCRYPTO disabled is broken

Simon Glass sjg at
Tue Jul 26 21:53:42 CEST 2022

Hi Alexander,

On Tue, 26 Jul 2022 at 02:27, Alexander Dahl <ada at> wrote:
> Hei hei,
> once again I tried building U-Boot with CONFIG_TOOLS_LIBCRYPTO disabled and
> with no libssl-dev installed on the build machine. It does not work.
> Even porting the patch disabling the build with kwbimage (see links below)
> does not help anymore, because since commit 6e052d1cbafb ("mkimage: add public
> key for image pre-load stage") there's a new hard dependency on host openssl
> in tools/image-host.c and the corresponding kconfig symbol CONFIG_TOOLS_FIT
> can not be disabled through menuconfig.
> Just read those discussions again, but not sure what can be done to proceed
> here? Can I help somehow?
> (Board to be built here is based on at91 sama5d27 SoC, no fit image required.)

One thing that might help here is to add a build which disables that
option, something like:

buildman -a ~TOOLS_LIBCRYPTO --board sandbox

that could go in .gitlab-... and .azure

That would stop it happening again.


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