Build with CONFIG_TOOLS_LIBCRYPTO disabled is broken

Alexander Dahl ada at
Tue Jul 26 10:27:01 CEST 2022

Hei hei,

once again I tried building U-Boot with CONFIG_TOOLS_LIBCRYPTO disabled and 
with no libssl-dev installed on the build machine. It does not work. 

Even porting the patch disabling the build with kwbimage (see links below) 
does not help anymore, because since commit 6e052d1cbafb ("mkimage: add public 
key for image pre-load stage") there's a new hard dependency on host openssl 
in tools/image-host.c and the corresponding kconfig symbol CONFIG_TOOLS_FIT 
can not be disabled through menuconfig.

Just read those discussions again, but not sure what can be done to proceed 
here? Can I help somehow?

(Board to be built here is based on at91 sama5d27 SoC, no fit image required.)


20220111153120.1276641-1-marex at

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