[ELDK] Using ELDK with Eclipse IDE

Martijn de Gouw martijn.de.gouw at prodrive.nl
Wed Nov 21 16:18:52 CET 2007


> > Eclipse looks like a nice platform for embedded Linux 
> development, but I
> > currently have no experience with it.
> >
> > Has anyone tried or is using the ELDK with the Eclipse IDE?
> >
> > Can anyone give me some information or feedback on using 
> the ELDK with Eclipse?
> Its been a while since I tried that, but I cannot remember any
> significant problem when I did.  What I remember was the shock when I
> realized that I downloaded hundreds of megabytes of Eclipse just to
> find out that I need some more tens of megabytes for the C plugin -
> but maybe that changed ;)
> To be a little more precise, I used the ELDK cross-compiler without
> any hassle after I correctly setup the PATH and the name of the
> compiler inside the Eclipse IDE.  I was told that the cross-gdb should
> also cooperate with Eclipse, but I have not seen it with my own eyes.

Some of our developers use eclipse with gdb to debug application code on
the target platform
All I've heard were positive sounds, but I did not use it myself.

I'm sure that it is possible to use Eclipse with the ELDK without

Best regards,
Martijn de Gouw 

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