[ELDK] 440EPx EBC access under Linux

Marko Vaupotic vaupotic.m at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 22:28:32 CET 2008


I am using an AMCC 440EPx processor on "Sequoia" board with an CPLD
peripheral attached to the EBC.
Because the u-boot configures the TBL enteries on its own I can acces the
CPLD over the EBC at address 0xC0000000.
(In system memory address map the EBC is mapped at location 0x1C0000000)
When I attempt to access any register in area 0xC000000 within the context
of my Linux
device driver I get a Machine Check fault. I assume that the Linux
reconfigures the MMU settings that u-boot does.
So where does the TBL initialization takes place under Linux kernel or where
can I change this?

Thanks for your help.


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