[ELDK] Using ELDK on an old ARM platform

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Thu Apr 16 17:53:40 CEST 2009

Hi Johan,

> Wolfgang,
> Wolfgang Denk wrote:
>> Dear Johan Borkhuis,
>> In message <49DF5CAA.1070402 at cimsolutions.nl> you wrote:
>>> I am trying to run ELDK 4.2 on an older ARM-platform. This platform runs 
>>> kernel 2.6.12, which does not yet support the EABI standard afaik. ELDK 
>>> 4.2 however is compiled with EABI support. Is there a version available 
>>> with support for the old ABI interface, or should I move to an older 
>>> version of the ELDK?
>> Where exactly is ELDK 4.2 not working for you?
> The problem I have is that I cannot run the binaries provided with ELDK 
> 4.2 or that I build with the ELDK 4.2 tools. I can build the kernel 
> (2.6.12) with ELDK 4.2, and this works fine, but only the executables 
> that were provided with the system can be executed with this kernel. But 
> I would like to move to ELDK tools, so I am looking for a way to enable 
> the kernel to run the newer binaries or to get an ELDK version than can 
> create the older binaries.

With respect to the neccessary efforts, we decided to have only a EABI
version of ELDK 4.2.  If you want to use a non-EABI kernel, you will
need to use ELDK 4.1.

In the long run, of course it will be best for you to switch to a more
recent kernel version and use ELDK 4.2.

Best wishes

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