[ELDK] dhclient error

jonathan.orditz at selectron.ch jonathan.orditz at selectron.ch
Tue Oct 13 15:04:28 CEST 2009

Hello All,

When I am using "dhclient" in a light modified SELF-Ramdisk I get 
following error:
"execve (/sbin/dhclient-script, ...): No such file or directory
socket: Protocol not available - make sure
(Socket Filtering) are enabled in your kernel configuration!"

Do someone know what the problem is ?
1. "execve" is not found ? (I did not found an execve, but when I mount 
the ELDK-3.1.1 root file system through NFS there is no execve available 
at all... I also tried with a dummy execve with no difference...)
2. "/sbin/dhclient-script" is not found ? (I verified and this script is 
on the right place)
3. kernel configuration: I verified the configuration and it seem to be OK
4. another problem I do not thought of ????
Is there a solution to solve this problem ?

Many thanks in advance for your help !

Best regards,

Jonathan Orditz
Selectron Systems AG
Software Development
Bernstrasse 70
3250 Lyss
Tel.: +41 32 387 62 60
mailto: jonathan.orditz at selectron.ch

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