[ELDK] Re; I have medical lists

Twila nicotine Gaineskqmikjlhdon at cempro.com
Fri Oct 16 00:34:21 CEST 2009

Here is the package deal we're running for this week

Licensed Medical Doctors in the USA 

788,436 in total * 17,588 emails

Medical Doctors in many different specialties

Can easily be sorted by 16 different fields

Contact List of American Pharma Companies
47,000 names and emails of the major positions

Contact List of US Hospitals
more than 23k hospital administrators in over 7k hospitals [worth over $300 alone)

Contact List of US Dentists
Practically every dentist in the United States is listed here

List of US Chiropractors
100,000 Chiropractors in the USA (worth $250 alone)

Price for new customers -  
$393 for all above data

send and email to:      Ralph at freshandnewdata.info


1 day only special - hurry ends today!

this is where to go to stop the mailing please email exit at freshandnewdata.info 

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