[ELDK] Using FTDI USB serial converter with ELDK

Stefano Babic sbabic at denx.de
Wed Sep 29 10:43:44 CEST 2010

Alberto Caballero wrote:
> Hi Detlev,

Hi Alberto,

> Many thanks for your help. I tried the second option you told me. At my
> current installation I went to /opt/embedded/linux_2_6 and run "make
> menuconfig" to configure the kernel. I could not find any option to
> configure the DEVTMPFS device. I checked many menu items but it was useless.

If I am not wrong, devtmpfs came to mainline kernel in version 2.6.32.
If you have an older version, you should upgrade your kernel.

> This installation was performed using the Embedded Planet BSP provided CD.

No idea what they provide. Try to contact their support.

> Following your suggestion I downloaded ELDK 4.2 from the ELDK FTP server and
> successfully installed it. But now I do not know how should I have to
> configure the kernel for the ELDK 4.2. I checked the online documentation
> for the ELDK at denx.de web page, but I didn't found anything related to
> kernel configuration. At installed folder, I have a ppc_4xx folder which
> contains some folder that appears to belong to a Linux distribution.

ELDK and kernel are orthogonal. There is a kernel with eldk, but it is
only a snapshot of the version in the time ELDK was released. It is
always suggested to use a newer kernel version instead of the one
delivered with eldk (an old 2.6.24).

Configuration of the kernel is done in the usual way with the tools
provided by the kernel itself: make menuconfig and its variations.

> Now I have two questions:
> 1) Is it possible to configure this kernel option from the provided BSP (I
> think i have a 2.6 kernel version)?

No idea, I do not know the version. If it is older, you have to upgrade
it or to port devtmpfs to your version. However, if you have to spend
some time to port devtmpfs, it is really better to upgrade your kernel
version to the actual TOT of the kernel.

> 2) Is it only ELDK 4.2 a set of tools for target compilation?

There is the toolchain to cross-compile, and a lot of binaries as RPM
packages ready to be used on your target - and something more...

As I said, kernel and ELDK are orthogonal. You can

> How can I use
> it to configure and build a valid kernel image suitable for my target board?
> I tried to search for this at online documentation unsuccessfully.


and for specific kernel issues, check in the linux documentation.

Best regards,
Stefano Babic

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