[ELDK] Booting rootfs over NFS stops after linking Phy

belatronix at freenet.de belatronix at freenet.de
Fri Mar 23 10:23:57 CET 2012


i build the ELDK 5.1.2 from the sources and try to boot the core basic image over nfs with the build 3.1.4 Kernel on an powerpc architecture (TB5200L). Another, self configured Kernel (v3.1.5) with NFS support build in has the same behaviour.

Getting the Kernel uImage via TFTP works and booting stops not with a panic or an reboot. 
My Problem is that after booting the kernel the system stops booting after linking the ethernet PHY
[  134.418108] PHY: f0003000:00 - Link is Up - 100/Fullwhere it try to mount the rootfs.

Mounting the NFS share over another machine works without problems.

How can i fix this? Any hints?



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