[ELDK] eldk-5 cross ldd

Norbert Bukuli norbert.bukuli at mediso.hu
Wed Sep 12 15:01:07 CEST 2012


Sorry for the foolish question. I have found in the ELDK-5 FAQ, that I 
have to use the opkg-cl tool to install the appropriate package, 
ldd-nativesdk in this case.

There is a hint in the FAQ:
sudo $(type -p opkg-cl) -o /opt/eldk-5.1/armv5te/rootfs-qte-sdk install 

With this, the opkg-cl did not work for me. I have to append the 
following option:
-A /opt/eldk-<eldk 
However the installed ldd file came to here:

(That's not a mistake, the /opt/eldk-<eldk 
version>/<TARGET>/sysroots/<HOST>-eldk-linux/ appeared twice.)

Is there another option to opkg-cl to fix this behavior?

Thank you in advance.

On 2012-09-12 11:00, Norbert Bukuli wrote:
> Hi,
> First of all, I am new to the ELDK so I will have some newbie questions.
> After some tries with the pre-built ELDK-5 images, I have built the gmae
> toolchain and the minimal image for x86_64 host and powerpc target.
> I have built custom kernel and initramfs with this toolchain. During
> this process I missed the powerpc-linux-ldd tool for the host system. I
> went back to the pre-built images, but I cannot find ldd for the host
> system neither in the gmae nor in the qte toolchain.
> What do I wrong?
> Thank you the answers in advance.

Best regards,
Norbert Bukuli

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