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Wed Apr 22 13:59:14 CEST 2020

Hi Wolfgang,

On 22.04.20 13:35, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Dear Stefano,
> In message <21d8f626-65f0-e138-fdd9-da8efd502c70 at> you wrote:
>>> I am actually a big fan of ser2net.
>> Me too - remoting serial connection is what we usually need, and before
>> we needed expensive terminal servers.
> Yes, ser2net does it's job for small "desktop" setups, but it cannot
> beat a terminal server in a larger lab.
> ser2net would be nice if 1) it would provide ssh instead of telnet
> connections, and

True - but this can be solved outside ser2net, that is with a telnet 
over ssh. Even a simple mapping between ssh port <--> telnet port works.

Anyway, as the "test network" is separated by my "home network" and it 
is local (just connected via Ethernet), IMHO there is no need of higher 
security (well, this is a personal opininion, of course). But in case no 
telnet should run, the simple mapping with ssh local forwarding works 
out of the box.

> 2) allow to map boards to names instead of port
> numbers.

True - This is the reason because I have a small python daemon in 
between providing the mapping.

> In any case, it does not scale for any larger lab;

Well, I have not experience with this. IMHO this *could* scale 
increasing the number of terminal server, that is the raspis or wahtever 
in between. I have on my site two of them, one driving 7-8 serial 
consoles, the second one up to 13.

> assume you would
> want to replace the terminal servers in our Gröbenzell lab by
> ser2net - there are more than 110 boards there...

Well, I frankly I do not know. But they are not connected all together 
to the same terminal server, and each server manages less boards. If 
this infrastructure based on ser2net can replace a single terminal 
server in DENX, I do not know..


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