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Thomas Pohl Thomas.Pohl at sick.de
Mon Mar 26 12:24:39 CEST 2012

Dear Wolfgang,

>Hm... you are not running mainline code, right?  Because we always
>have a single network interface active at any time.

I am using mainline code (u-boot v2011.12) with 
P2020RDB-PC_SPIFLASH_config. Unfortunately it does not work as I thought, 
but fortunately we may have a solution (patch) to solve the problem.

Best regards,

Thomas Pohl

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Dear Thomas,

In message 
<OF0B4B1E6C.B54B0C2D-ONC12579CA.0038E059-C12579CA.0038F311 at sick.de> you 
> Is it possible to use NetConsole and TFTP parallel at one Ethernet 
> interface? My fist thoughts were that this could be possible, because 

Yes, this is supposed to work.  We've even seen running TFTP and
Netconsole over Ethernet over USB...

> and NetConsole use different ports. But out of the box the behavior is 
> different. In my tests TFTP tries to use another Ethernet interface 
> (eTSEC1) as the NetConsole (eTSEC0), but the final Hardware has only one 

Hm... you are not running mainline code, right?  Because we always
have a single network interface active at any time.

> Therefore I need a possibility to communicate with a target (via 
> NetConsole) and transfer the flash images (via TFTP). Has anybody 
> experiences with this? Is this possible with U-Boot? Maybe I am doing 
> something wrong?

I recommend you undo any modifications made to the network stack,
and/or try plain mainline code instead.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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