[U-Boot] Request for Kirkwood new Marvell MMC Driver mainline

Andreas Bießmann andreas.devel at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 20 23:17:59 CEST 2012

Dear DrEagle,

On 20.09.12 19:25, DrEagle wrote:
> I have a patch for the support of a generic MMC driver for kirkwood Soc.
> I want to make some few more fix to have sheevaplugs been updated also.

sounds great.

> Here is the complete changelog of my patch :
> - Add Marvell SDIO/MMC driver for Kirkwood SoC
> - Add SDIO/MMC support for Sheevaplug board
> - Fix env address for Sheevaplug board
> - Fix mtdparts for Sheevaplug board
> - Fix mtdids for Sheevaplug board
> - Add default mtdparts for Sheevaplug board
> - Add default mtdids for Sheevaplug board
> - Add SATA support for Sheevaplug board

But all these changes are split into atomic patches, aren't they?

> Is there any guide to help for making cumulative patch, and for using
> git diff to make some local branch ?

Well, read http://www.denx.de/wiki/U-Boot/Patches and if I got your
question right you should read http://git-scm.com/book first.

> I need, I suppose, to make patch for each subject and segment my diff
> into few proposal ?
> - MMC Driver
> - MMC support
> - Fix env
> ...
> Is there any guide for proposing patch to be mainline supported into uboot ?

Read http://www.denx.de/wiki/U-Boot/Patches

Best regards

Andreas Bießmann

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