[U-Boot] [ANN] U-Boot v2016.09 is released

Michal Simek monstr at monstr.eu
Mon Sep 12 18:43:36 CEST 2016

Hi Tom,

2016-09-12 18:21 GMT+02:00 Tom Rini <trini at konsulko.com>:

> Hey all,
> I've released v2016.09 and it's now live on git and FTP and ACD (along
> with PGP sig file).
> To repeat some of the highlights from the rc releases:
> - More DM work (MMC, of-platdata for size constrained instances, etc)
> - Lots and lots of architecture / SoC / Platform updates: x86, rockchip,
>   sunxi, TI, NXP/FSL, Tegra, Zynq, uniphier
> - mkimage cleanups
> - More test.py updates, vboot now a testcase
> - Secure boot work on both ARM and PowerPC.
> - PSCI updates
> - MAKEALL is gone, buildman is for use by all
> - We now have xtensa support
> - DT overlays
> - More Kconfig migration
> - Some NFS fixes
> Note that in some cases you may see a message like:
> CACHE: Misaligned operation at range [xxxxxxxx,yyyyyyyy]
> and there's good and bad news here.  What had been a debug print (and so
> off basically) is now a regular message.  So there's no new problems,
> just problems that are now visible and we're working on fixing.  Some of
> these were solved during the cycle but some of them still need some more
> discussion or just a decision being made (so, that's on me).
> Another thing I'd like to call out, and ask for a little help with too
> is automated testing.  The framework in test/py/test.py can be used on
> real hardware and Stephen Warren has been doing a good job having things
> run on Tegra boards.  You can see his scripts here[1].  I've setup
> locally some of my boards (some TI, RPi3, A20-OLinuXino-Lime2) and I'm
> looking at adding more still, so long as I can update U-Boot in a way
> that does not involve the console.  You can see my scripts here[2] and
> I'm cleaning things up and pushing them back up to Stephen.  But there's
> always more to do and test.  Is anyone else out there running this on
> real hardware, or would like to set this up?  Has anyone out there
> gotten this hooked up with qemu?

I do run them on boards which I have locally connected to my PC - zynq and
I have tried it on microblaze but I don't have any setup which I can
directly run but I know it works.
Then I can run it on qemu without any issue and also I have setup for Xilinx
boardfarm which contain hundreds of boards.
The main question for me is how to make it stable.

I also want to try SD boot mode with flashair which Stephen tried. I have
it here. i have scripts
ready but just didn't run it.


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