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Tue Nov 19 20:32:12 UTC 2019

Am 19.11.2019 um 18:39 schrieb Tim Harvey:
> Greetings,
> I'm working on converting IMX6 based Gateworks Ventana board support
> to DM which requires me to put many dtb's (36 currently!) into a FIT
> image. The size of the FIT image has grown to 2MiB more than 2x the
> size of u-boot-notdtb.bin so I want to use compression.

Have you thought about using DT overlays? Maybe that could also bring 
the binary size down?


> It appears that MULTI_DTB_FIT_GZIP compresses the entire FIT image. In
> my case fit-dtb.blob is 1.4MiB and fit-dtb.blob.gz compresses to
> 289KiB which is good. There's no way I'll be able to use
> SPL_MULTI_DTB_FIT with all those dtbs while supporting imx6s/dl with
> only 128K of SRAM so I'm using the U-Boot flavor of MULTI DTB
> I'm not clear exactly how to take advantage of fit-dtb.blob.gz as
> u-boot.img has the uncompressed fit image. I'm currently flashing
> u-boot-dtb.img to my board and its processing the FIT and booting
> properly but u-boot-dtb.img does not have a compressed FIT.
> Is there some support missing for using MULTI_DTB_FIT_GZIP/LZO with a
> fit image in U-Boot vs the SPL?
> Best regards,
> Tim
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