[GIT] Pull request: u-boot-dfu (30.08.2019)

Lukasz Majewski lukma at denx.de
Sun Aug 30 21:42:56 CEST 2020

Dear Marek,

Please find a set of DFU/Gadget related fixes:

The following changes since commit

  Merge branch '2020-08-27-misc-fixes' (2020-08-28 08:51:37 -0400)

are available in the Git repository at:

  git at gitlab.denx.de:u-boot/custodians/u-boot-dfu.git 

for you to fetch changes up to 7b55046329df3d14193debec34da515138335575:

  fastboot: getvar: fix partition-size return value (2020-08-30
  19:17:47 +0200)

Filip Brozovic (1):
      fastboot: Support defining raw partitions without a partition

Frank Li (1):
      sdp: call board_usb_init at spl_sdp_load_image

Gary Bisson (1):
      fastboot: getvar: fix partition-size return value

Heinrich Schuchardt (4):
      dfu: fix typo parameteres
      dfu: DFU_MTD depends on CMD_MTDPARTS
      configs: qemu: enable dfu testing
      dfu: fix dfu tftp on sandbox

Jassi Brar (1):
      usb: max3420: add the gadget driver

Peng Fan (2):
      f_sdp: Support searching and loading FIT or container image
      spl: add g_dnl_get_board_bcd_device_number

Roman Kovalivskyi (3):
      fastboot: Extend fastboot_set_reboot_flag with reboot reason
      fastboot: Add support for 'reboot fastboot' command
      fastboot: Add default fastboot_set_reboot_flag implementation

Sherry Sun (2):
      f_sdp: Add EP1_OUT as default data receive pipe in sdp
      f_sdp: Change bInterval of interrupt endpoint to 3

Ye Li (4):
      usb: gadget: Fix controller index in UMS
      usb: ci_udc: Add function to remove usb device
      f_sdp: Add high speed endpoint descriptor
      f_sdp: Fix wrong usb request size

yurii.pidhornyi (1):
      fastboot: Fix fastboot reboot fail by changing functions order

Merge tag data/information:

- gadget: Add code to set UMS controller index
- fastboot: Allow updating raw eMMC partitions (based on LBA offset)
- dfu: various fixes, remove UPDATE_TFTP Kconfig option, add qemu
  testing and fix sandbox DFU test
- fastboot: Add 'reboot fastboot' command
- usb: max3420: Add gadget driver (new code)
- sdp: Several enhancements - adding support for high speed
  descriptors, using ep 3
- sdp: Support searching and loading FIT or container image
- fastboot: Fix partition size return value for getvar

(Can be also found here:

Best regards,

Lukasz Majewski


DENX Software Engineering GmbH,      Managing Director: Wolfgang Denk
HRB 165235 Munich, Office: Kirchenstr.5, D-82194 Groebenzell, Germany
Phone: (+49)-8142-66989-59 Fax: (+49)-8142-66989-80 Email: lukma at denx.de
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