PPC440EPx Evaluation Board Schematic

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Wed Jul 8 09:14:24 CEST 2020

Hi Nicholas,

On 08.07.20 01:38, Nicholas Williams wrote:
> I am wondering if anyone has a copy of the PPC440EPx evaluation board
> (Sequoia) schematic that was made by AMCC. The information is no longer
> easily available as the amcc.com and apm.com sites are no longer running
> and the schematic is not archived on the wayback machine. I figured that
> U-Boot might be a place to ask for this schematic but if this is not an
> appropriate topic I apologize.
> I am currently tasked with testing a PPC440EPx-NUA667T for a customer. One
> part of the testing will require me to boot the processor up to confirm it
> functions. I cannot use an evaluation board to do this testing because each
> processor I am testing cannot be soldered onto a board. The testing is
> being done with a socket on a test fixture which is interfaced with a high
> speed digital testing system. Due to this setup I have to input individual
> test vectors to the processor which is much at a lower level then the type
> of code that I have found on places like U-Boot. I am having trouble
> writing instructions to the device once it comes out of reset so I wanted
> to see the evaluation board schematic to understand how the PPC440EPx was
> interfaced to its boot rom. I can successfully get the device to come out
> of Reset (de-assert ExtReset) and the EBC is putting out addresses to the
> PerAddr pins (27-31) as I have configured the bootstrap pins to use
> condition C from the PP440EPx User Manual (EBC boot with a 16 bit boot
> width). However I have not had any luck putting in instructions during this
> phase. I believe I am incorrectly putting instructions into the PerData
> pins as the device does not respond to any commands.
> If anyone can help I can provide screenshots of the waveforms I get from
> the device else the PPC440EPx evaluation board schematic might shed more
> light on how to properly communicate with the EBC.

Unfortunately my PPC4xx memories have faded, since I last worked on
these SoC's many years ago. I've attached the schematics and the
user manual for Sequoia. HTH.

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