[ELDK] RFSB on ubuntu

Matthias Fuchs mfuchs at ma-fu.de
Sat Oct 10 11:26:57 CEST 2009


I just noticed the RDSB repository. I gave it a try and it looks

Detlev, do you have a roadmap how this child should envolve?

I notices some issues:

1) When I change the target package selection after a first build
and run make again, nothing is rebuilded. So there seems to be a 
little dependency problem.

2) When I add the custom/sample_app application. make complains 
about a missing configure script for sample_app. This can easily be created
by running autoconf in the custom/sample_app directory. Is this the way
it should be done?

3) When using RFSB on any ubuntu host (tested with 8.04, 8.10 and 9.04)
I run into a little make issue. This does not happen on Debian Etch.

The build/rootfs directory looks like this:

mfuchs at fox:~/git/rfsb/build/rootfs$ ls
{bin,dev,etc,ftp,home,lib,proc,sbin,tmp}  etc  lib  linuxrc  sbin  usr  {usr,usr

Doing the for loop from the Makefile by hand in a normal shell creates the directory
correctly. But doing this inside the Makefile produces this weird structure.

I can imagine that this is an ubuntu issue. But do you have an idea 
how to fix it?

This is a stripped down Makefile example to reproduce the issue:

	@echo "Cleaning $(BUILD)"
	rm -fr $(BUILD)
	mkdir -p $(BUILD)

	@echo "Populating $(BUILD) with directories"
	for dir in images rootfs \
	   rootfs/{bin,dev,etc,ftp,home,lib,proc,sbin,tmp} \
	   rootfs/{usr,usr/sbin,usr/bin,var,var/log,var/run} ; \
	do \
	    mkdir -p $(BUILD)/$$dir ;\


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