[ELDK] Read ramdisk informations when running...

jonathan.orditz at selectron.ch jonathan.orditz at selectron.ch
Wed Oct 14 18:28:53 CEST 2009

Hello All,

Is it possible to read the name of the ramdisk while it is running ?

An example: when the ramdisk is created with "mkimage -T ramdisk -C gzip 
-n 'Simple Embedded Linux Framework' -d ramdisk.gz new_Ramdisk", the name 
"Simple Embedded Linux Framework" is given to the ramdisk and is displayed 
when the ramdisk is started. But is it possible to read this information 
while the ramdisk is running ?

The purpose of this, is to give a version to the ramdisk (and its 
content), for example "SELF v1.1.2", to read it from an application 
running on the ramdisk and to display it on a setup/support page. So when 
customers report a problem or missing binaries, etc... they can reference 
this name "SELF v1.1.2" and I know directly that they maybe have to update 
to "SELF v1.3.1" or I can consult the bugs or problems known for "SELF 

Many thanks in advance for your help !

best regards,

Jonathan Orditz
Selectron Systems AG
Software Development
Bernstrasse 70
3250 Lyss
Tel.: +41 32 387 62 60
mailto: jonathan.orditz at selectron.ch

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