[ELDK] Newbie with a PPC405EP‏

Mehran Ziadloo mehran20 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 19 14:11:39 CEST 2009

Dear Wolfgang Denk,

First let me apologize for violating the netiquette code! I was not
aware of it.

In message <your-previous-emial-which-I-dont-know-its-id> you wrote:

> This is the ELDK mailing list. We cannot comment on OpenWrt - there
> are other OpenWrt related mailing lists out there where yiu might get
> better help for that.

The fact is, I'm not sure if my problem is OpenWrt's ralated or it's
ELDK's related! But with the first look, it seems ELDK's related since
I'm trying to develop a software. Other than that, OpenWrt is working
fine on its own!

> Why are you not sure? It is clearly written in the documentation.
> Please let me know which part of
> http://www.denx.de/wiki/view/DULG/ELDKSupportedTargetArchitectures you
> did not understand so we can improve that.

The problem's that I was reading the README.html file that is shipped
within the ISO file (ppc-2008-04-01.iso). In that file, the PPC405EP
is not mentioned! At least it is not mentioned in "1.5. Working with
ELDK" section that I was reading. Maybe you want to update that part
of manual to prevent future confusions.

> What was the exact command you tried, and in which environment did you
> try it? And are you sure that the ELDK linraries you are linking
> against are compatible with the OpenWrt ones used inyour target?

OpenWrt comes with a "ash" CLI which I connected to it through a SSH
client (Putty to be precise). I'm sure that I got the execution
completely. I gave the execution permission to the files and called
their names like "./hello". After I failed, I took away their execution
permission for test. This time it prompted that my file does not have
the necessary permission to be executed, as it was expected. After
granting the execution permission a second time, I checked for their
dynamic library dependencies by the means of "ldd" software. I entered
"ldd hello", again I was prompted "File Not Found"!!

Well, the fact is, I have no idea how to check the compatibility
between OpenWrt libraries and and ELDK's!! Could you please tell me
how it is done? And if they are not compatible, what can I do?

Mehran Ziadloo 		 	   		  
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