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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Oct 19 14:44:28 CEST 2009

Dear Mehran Ziadloo,

In message <SNT121-W62A75B464490DDD03840F2D0C10 at phx.gbl> you wrote:
> The fact is, I'm not sure if my problem is OpenWrt's ralated or it's
> ELDK's related! But with the first look, it seems ELDK's related since
> I'm trying to develop a software. Other than that, OpenWrt is working
> fine on its own!

Well, OpenWrt provides boith the development and the runtime
envrionment. Mixing with binaries created by another tool chain (that
is linking against other libraries) is calling for trouble.

IIRC OpenWrt is based on uClibc, while the ELDK uses glibc - these
won't mix.

> > Why are you not sure? It is clearly written in the documentation.
> > Please let me know which part of
> > http://www.denx.de/wiki/view/DULG/ELDKSupportedTargetArchitectures you
> > did not understand so we can improve that.
> The problem's that I was reading the README.html file that is shipped
> within the ISO file (ppc-2008-04-01.iso). In that file, the PPC405EP
> is not mentioned! At least it is not mentioned in "1.5. Working with

Um... let me check... here it is: README.html ==>

More specifically "1.3. Supported Target Architectures" ==>


	The ELDK includes target components and supports code
	generation for the following PowerPC types of processors:

	    * ppc_4xx = AMCC 4xx processors without FPU
	    * ppc_4xxFP = AMCC 4xx processors with FPU 

> ELDK" section that I was reading. Maybe you want to update that part
> of manual to prevent future confusions.

You are supposed to know your hardware at least to that extend that
you know whioch processor family it belongs to. Does it have a FPU or
not? No, it doesn't. Ergo you must use ppc_4xx. 

> OpenWrt comes with a "ash" CLI which I connected to it through a SSH
> client (Putty to be precise). I'm sure that I got the execution
> completely. I gave the execution permission to the files and called
> their names like "./hello". After I failed, I took away their execution
> permission for test. This time it prompted that my file does not have
> the necessary permission to be executed, as it was expected. After
> granting the execution permission a second time, I checked for their
> dynamic library dependencies by the means of "ldd" software. I entered
> "ldd hello", again I was prompted "File Not Found"!!

Incompatible environment. 

> Well, the fact is, I have no idea how to check the compatibility
> between OpenWrt libraries and and ELDK's!! Could you please tell me
> how it is done? And if they are not compatible, what can I do?

Use either the OpenWrt tools to build your binaries (yes, I know this
may quickly become a pain, which is why we use the ELDK), or use the
ELDK as root file system on your target.

Mixing the two incompatible environmens will not work.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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